Obama The “Uber President”


Well, here is an actual “blog” post. I am going to express my opinion.

Obama has been the president on steroids. For example, Americans have been complaining forever about not having  a social healthcare program, and in short order, Obama got it done. (That’s the short version. I know there’s lot’s more to the story.) Just the fact is that it got done. So, how does this relate to oil?

Well, Americans have also been complaining for years about our “dependence on foreign oil”. So, again, in relatively short order we now have massive domestic oil production. And, unfortunately, what  seems to have come with it has been “world chaos,” (especially in the middle east.) Why? Because we have pulled the rug out from under them, from an income standpoint. What do we expect? Anyway, I am not trying to place blame. Just think it’s a sad situation and not sure what the answers are. Also, I am willing to admit that my perception is way off. I am no Rhode scholar.


About Scott

Live next to Chevron refinery. Lots of petroleum consultants in the area. I am interested in learning more about the industry. Also, interested in finance, business, and investing in world markets.
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